• Today we talk about our experiences with “Dungeons & Dragons” 5th Edition, what we like, and how we feel it compares with some classic pen-&-paper roleplaying games.

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    Testing out new features…

  • There’s nothing new in video games anymore, no exciting news, nothing worth discussing… So we talk about that today!

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    Getting mighty tired of trying to make a bootable USB on Windows 10. I have tried multiple ISOs, multiple software packages, even multiple known-good USB drives, and nothing works. They all end with the same errors. And yes, I have followed the instructions to the letter, including disabling Secure Boot and Fast Boot in the BIOS.

    So I’ll be…[Read more]

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    Going to be livestreaming five sessions of LOTRO this weekend, once I do some testing to make sure everything is working properly. Using the new MSI laptop, and I expect things will go very, very well!

  • Today Beoulus and Scormus talk about playing as evil characters in roleplaying games. Is this a good idea? Can this work well in a mixed alignment party?

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    Hey, folks! If you are planning to sign up for the community site, if you do so via the “Standard Method” (i.e., not using Facebook or Twitter), please use a valid email address! You will need to check that email address to check for an email from Gaming Stuff, and click the link therein, in order to complete your registration.

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    I feel horrible…

  • Today we talk about the disappointment that is :Sea of Thieves”, and whether or not game developers should be relying upon PvP to be their primary content in a multiplayer game.

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  • Today Beoulus and Scormey discuss Legacy variants for board games. What are they, what do they mean for the future of tabletop gaming, and how could they affect classic board games?

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    Hey, if you decide to sign up, make sure you follow through all of the steps. For example, if you sign up the old-school way, creating an account from scratch, please make sure to use a valid email address, and check that email for a confirmation email from this site. You’ll need to click a link in that email to complete your account. Otherwise…[Read more]

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    So this is interesting… I keep tring to get my laptop eboard back to woing with eors fom pessing cetain kkeys, and yet… It keeps scewing up! I am getting seciousl pissed ight now!

    • Oay so I emoved the mouse, too. Seriously, wtf? 000000000000

    • Continuing to investigate this issue, to see if there are an othe issues, known o unknonw. It seems the longe I tpe, the moe likel we ae to go fom errors, to man eros!

    • Oa, I’m getting pett damn ang now! I have done everthing I can think of to fix the issue, the Internet has been of ze ( help, and the onl thing I can thin to do now is send my new laptop back! Sometimes it wos just fine…[Read more]

    • … and I have done everything I can do. Origin has been consulted, we tried some different drivers, and when they didn’t work, they agreed to send me a new keyboard. Yay. I get to make my own repair.

  • Microtransactions: They are everywhere in video games now, and we all generally hate them. Lootboxes, Pay-to-Win, and all that are bad enough, but now we have the specter of SWTOR rising again, in the selling of […]

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    Well, this is strikingly stupid! Pretty sure I won’t be keeping this URL once it runs out next year.

  • Scormus likes Kickstarter perhaps just a little too much, especially when it comes to cool new tabletop games and retro gaming projects. He totally tries to justify all this excess today.

    Theme Music – “Pinball […]

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    Looking forward to playing some LOTRO this weekend, and streaming it on Twitch at

  • So today we are going to talk about school shootings, violent video games, and why they have nothing to do with each other (despite what the NRA says).

    Theme Music – “Pinball Spring”, by Kevin […]

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    Please forgive Beoulus and I for this week and next week’s podcasts. We were having difficulty coming up with ideas, and just kinda ran with whatever we could scrape up. If you have any ideas you’d like us to cover, please feel free to let us know via comments, or hitting us up on Twitter or Facebook.

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