And so MaMMO became a Thing

Yes, as I mentioned in another post earlier this week, you’ll soon start getting video content here on Sundays, starting in March. I’ll be launching “Meander about MMORPGs” on the “Meander about Middle Earth” Youtube channel, as a weekly vlog series, focusing on games other than “Lord of the Rings Online”. The idea being to let me keep my hand in other games, while also providing a change-of-pace on the weekends, when I don’t normally have content on MaME’s channel.

But here’s my dilemma: What should I do on MaMMO?

My first inclination is to be more like a standard Vlog series, wherein I show a variety of content in these various MMOs, rather than just leveling up a character. But at the same time, I don’t have level-capped characters in most of the games I’ll be featuring on MaMMO, so leveling content is going to be shown quite a bit, as we go along with the show.

So here’s what I was thinking. What if I run MaMMO just like I do MaME, only in a bunch of different MMOs? Which is to say, one week I start up a new character in “World of Warcraft”, and show off the starting content for it, then the next week do the same thing in “Rift”, then “Star Trek Online”, etc, etc. And I would come back and continue those characters in time, maybe once every couple of months, unless I absolutely hated said game and/or character.

Now, what’s so good about such an idea? Well, for one thing, it greatly simplifies things for me, and considering all the projects I’m juggling now, SIMPLE IS GOOD! Also, it would still allow me to show off higher level content in due time, once I eventually get there. It would also allow me to perhaps – just perhaps, mind you – start up a new character in LOTRO, let’s say a Runekeeper, Minstrel, or Beornling. Also, this would allow me to focus on a much wider array of games than I can currently, as I jump into games I have never played before.

If I decide to do this, though, I am also thinking I should increase the length of these particular shows. Rather than the 15-30 minute runtime of an average episode of MaME, I’m thinking 30-60 minutes for each MaMMO. Why? Because if we’re going to just be leveling these characters only once every couple of months, might as well do more each time, right?

Anyway, that’s what I’m thinking about all this. You’ll see what I ended up deciding to do come the first Sunday in March.

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