… And suddenly nothing is going right!

So I put together a nifty game emulation system after Christmas, using a Raspberry Pi 3, RetroPie, and some Chinese knockoff Playstation 3 wireless controllers. And it worked damn well, allowing me hours of entertainment, enjoying some Retro gaming from the comfort of my recliner.

And now everything is messed up.

You see, my original Raspberry Pi came as part of a kit, which included a case, power supply, etc. But I wasn’t a huge fan of the rather cheap-looking, black plastic case, as it did nothing to help diffuse the heat from the RPi3. So for Valentine’s Day, my sweetie bought me an 8bitDO wireless Super Nintendo controller, as well as a very nice aluminum case for my RPi3.

The problem is, neither works.

You see, I can’t get the SNES controller to connect via Bluetooth, because the Playstation 3 controllers won’t let another controller to connect. So I’m thinking of getting a USB Bluetooth dongle to connect the SNES controller to, but odds are that won’t work. Which sucks, because this is a damn nice controller for NES/SNES/Sega games!

But what is worse, is the new case interferes with Bluetooth communication, making playing any games wirelessly impossible! Sure, the Playstation 3 controllers still connect to the RPi3, but the lag they now have is immense (roughly 3-5 seconds to register a button press, assuming it registers at all), or when it does register an action, it does so multiple times. So just navigating the RetroPie menu is a major chore, let alone trying to play a game.

In short, my wonderful little emulation system is virtually unplayable now.

So, what am I to do about this? Well, I really don’t know. I am going to try doing a few things with the new case, as there is no reason it should be causing such issues with the Bluetooth connectivity. But if that doesn’t work, I’ll move back to the original, plastic case, and use the new case for a different project. Specifically, I’ve been thinking about making a separate RPi3 kit that is a media server or DVR. That should work just fine in the new case.

As for the SNES controller, I can make do with it being simply for use with my laptop emulator system, if need be, although I don’t care for that solution. I certainly won’t be setting it aside, though, as it is a very nice controller.


Why can’t things just work correctly?

UPDATE: Yes, the aluminum case was causing the connectivity issues, so I have switched back to the basic plastic case for my game system. But I will hold onto the aluminum case, as I’m looking into setting up a Raspberry Pi 3 that is tied into a TV tuner, to become a DVR. That way I can record over the air television broadcasts, to watch later on my Plex server.

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