But it’s an Investment!

I’m really getting into retro gaming and game emulation, both on my old Asus laptop, and on my Raspberry Pi 3. But thus far, I’ve only been able to feature games on my laptop on my weekly Retro Gaming Youtube series, “RetroStuff”, simply because I lack the equipment to record footage off of my Pi.

Well, that was until I found this. The ClearClick HD Capture Box is precisely what I need for recording footage coming from my Raspberry Pi 3, or really any HDMI source (for example, the handheld RaspiBoy gaming kit I’ll be getting later this Spring). That would make creating content for the RetroStuff channel (at the very least) much easier, and I’m inclined to drop down my credit card and just buy it right now, but there’s one problem:

I keep buying stuff like this, and My Lovely Bride is getting a little tired of it.

Over the last few months, I have purchased, or been gifted, the following gear just for my Retro Gaming habit, or to use for my RetroStuff videos:

  • A Raspberry Pi 3 kit
  • A 128GB Class 10 MicroSD card
  • Two knock-off Playstation 3 bluetooth game controllers
  • A knock-off X-Box 360 wireless controller
  • A new, aluminum case for my RPi 3
  • Preordered a RaspiBoy off Kickstarter
  • Got a Raspberry Pi Zero (version 1.3) to go with the RaspiBoy
  • An 8BitDo Bluetooth version of a Super Nintendo controller
  • A used Acer Netbook, to attempt to turn it into a gaming device
  • Various Linux, Raspberry Pi, and RetroPie stickers for my old laptop, RPi 3, and Netbook
  • And a RetroPie t-shirt

That is all in addition to the podcasting gear I already have, the laptops I use for recording and editing the videos, and so forth. In short, this is getting to be a rather expensive little hobby, in rather short order! So you can imagine how my wife might feel about buying yet more gear for this…

Of course, I have one good argument that could counter most of her concerns: That Capture Box is damn inexpensive, and could be used for a whole lot more than just collecting footage off of the Pis. For example, we have a lot of old, and rather obscure DVDs, which we could turn into digital copies and save on our media computer. That alone should sway her, but I think I might just wait a month or so, until my annual bonus comes in from work. Then I can truly justify picking it up, without any trouble at all.

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