Disturbed Friends: A Review

So a coworker of mine bought me a copy of the relatively new card game “Disturbed Friends” for Christmas. Being somewhat of a fan of the “Cards Against Humanity”-clone genre of games, I poured over this game with relish. In the end, I can definitely say one thing about DF:

It lives up to its name.

The goal of “Disturbed Friends” is relatively simple: To guess how your friends will respond to a particular statement or question, based upon responses provided by the other players. Yes, this does sound a whole lot like CAH, because it is virtually the same rules and playstyle, but with one major change.

“Cards Against Humanity” is actually funny. While DF can be funny, it is better described as Cringe-worthy.

Now, that isn’t to say DF is not fun, or not worth buying, because it totally is on both counts. But it is also really, really hard to play for long periods of time, especially if alcohol is involved, or you have particularly twisted friends. The laughter quickly becomes more of the nervous titter variety, as everyone becomes rather uncomfortable as the game progresses. Eventually, you’ll want to have a shower, after being exposed to some of the vile combinations you’ll see people putting forth, in an effort to win.

Yes, that is rather like a hardcore game of CAH, but at least CAH is always funny. DF… just isn’t.

Anyway, in the right circumstances, and with the right people, “Disturbed Friends” could be a barrel of laughs, and a really good time. You simply have to shut off any semblance of empathy or Humanity in your brain, and roll with it.

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