I told you more functionality was coming…

… but do we really need it?

My intention has always been to make Gaming Stuff more than just a home for my gaming blog, podcast, and videos. I want it to be a destination for gamers of all types, to come discuss the hobby, make friends, and in a way, make GS a home for gamers, when they aren’t in game.

The only way to do this is to create a community site, which I have tried and failed at in the past on my old website, but this time I think I have the problem solved. I have been trying out various options for social media site software, and will be beta testing some soon, but regardless of what product I eventually go with, membership will be restricted, at least at first.

What I have in mind is this: People I personally know will be able to request membership, and be approved directly. Then these people will be able to invite others to join, who will also be approved, as it will be by invite-only at that point. This will continue on until we reach a point wherein the community is large enough, and the software secured enough, that people should be allowed to join without an invitation. That said, I expect this site will remain invite-only for quite some time, perhaps permanently, if need be.

If this works out as planned, it will keep spambots from overtaking the site, or corrupting the database, and thus ruining all of my hard work. As an added measure of security, I’ll be installing this social network software using a completely different database than that used for the main website, so even if things go awry, the main website should be fine.

Now then, let’s get back to the question I posed at the start of the article: Do we really need this? in my opinion, yes, we absolutely do! Not just to flesh out the functionality here, although that’s certainly a bonus, but because I feel the gaming community is way to splintered across hundreds, if not thousands of different websites, for its own good. So providing a single social media site that is focused solely on gaming, and nothing but gaming, might help strengthen the gaming community as a whole.

Yes, I know that’s a fairly “pie in the sky” goal, but certainly one worth striving towards, even if it is eventually doomed to failure. I’m a guy who ran a website named pthppt.com for 15 years in almost complete obscurity, do you think I’m one who gives up easily? This is precisely the sort of challenge I relish!

So once I choose the right software and get it set up, I’ll be sending out invitations to some folk I know, and then letting them invite others, as they see fit. If all works well, maybe in a month or two we’ll see something actually worth using on this damn website!

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