If you aren’t playing “Pokemon Go”, you should be!

So I’ve been playing “Pokemon Go” since it first launched last year, and while it isn’t a perfect game, it can be loads of fun… for a mobile game, anyway. But they just released a new update to the game last week, and suddenly the game is significantly better than it already was!

First of all, 2nd Generation Pokemon have been added to the game. That’s 80 new creatures to find and add to the Pokedex, which adds a lot of interest to a portion of the game (collecting) which was getting a tad stale. Niantic also changed the UI some, making it easier to choose berries (did I mention there are multiple types now?) and Pokeballs to use while trying to catch a wild Pokemon. There are new items to be found from Pokestops, including special items to be used in evolving certain Pokemon.

All in all, there has been a lot of added depth to the game, with more reportedly on the way, to include the often-rumored Trading and PvP features. So if you used to play “Pokemon Go”, now is a great time to start back up. And if you haven’t played the game before, but always thought it might be worth trying out, now would be a great time to start up!

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  1. I cannot stress how much of an improvement the ability to change poke balls and grab fruit on the same screen you are catching on is. They have made some very satisfying upgrades. The GPS could still use some improvement, but I’ve had fewer instances of the game telling me I’m going too fast while I’m stilling still since the roll out.

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