Meander about MMORPGs?

So, would anyone like content on Sundays?

I’ve been thinking about how I can provide content every single day of the week, without overworking myself, as I have with sites I’ve run in the past. Meanwhile, I’ve been look at ways to get myself playing more games on my weekends, as opposed to always working on videos, podcasts, or blog entries.

Well, I may have a solution.

You see, I really enjoy working on “Meander about Middle Earth”, because while it is a large amount of work creating and editing that series, it is also fun playing the game while talking about it. So I was thinking of doing something similar, in another game than LOTRO, and put up those videos on Sundays.

Normally, I would have way too many other projects on my plate to be able to add yet another one to the list, but I think I can squeeze this one in, because I am reworking my weekend schedules to better accommodate a work-life balance.

Previously, I’ve been doing nothing but MaME-related work one weekend, then working on stuff for my old podcast and the RetroStuff Youtube channel the next. This is going to change up somewhat in the future, as I will be working less on MaME (recording only two or three weeks of content at a time, rather than 4 to 5 weeks worth), and crunching out less content for other projects at one time.

By doing this, I can record perhaps ten episodes of MaME, two shows for RetroStuff, and episode or two of my new podcast “Pixels & Dice”, and then squeeze in time for another project, were I so inclined. Well, as it happens I am so inclined, and will likely be creating an episode or two of this new project in addition to the other stuff from now on.

What I have in mind is this: “Meander about MMORPGs” (or MaMMO for short), a show where I do some sort of content in an MMO that isn’t LOTRO, to be published every Sunday. The games would switch up each week, maybe “World of Warcraft” one time, then “The Secret World” the next, followed by “Rift”, and so on. These would all appear on my “Meander about Middle Earth” channel on Youtube, if I decide to do this project.

Anyway, if you have any thoughts on this idea, please share them in the comments section, below. If I do decide to make this project a reality, I’ll be sure to let you folks know first, as always.

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