Note to self: Always podcast while exhausted

Last night I recorded seven podcasts in a row. All roughly half an hour in length. All done 100% solo. So I was basically talking constantly for about four hours straight, only broken up by brief breaks where I was editing and uploading the last podcast, and prepping for the next.

And it might be some of my finest work I’ve ever done.

Now then, first of all you need to understand why I would put myself through such an ordeal. Currently, I am working under the Buffer system, wherein I put myself in a position where I have at least a month or more of content (aside from blog posts) pre-recorded and ready to publish here and on Youtube. I do this so that later this year, when I will be taking time off first for a couple of local Renaissance Faires, then for my annual vacation, and eventually for the end-of-year holidays, I will have content ready to go on the site and elsewhere, so that I can relax and not worry about it.

Anyway, last night was my time to get all of the episodes of “Pixels & Dice” podcast recorded for the remainder of February and all of March. But by “last night” I mean “last night, as of the the writing of this article”, which means this happened back on February 12th. So, yeah, I recorded seven podcasts in a row. The last two for February, and five for March, since there are five Thursdays this March.

That was rather exhausting. It was hard of my voice, too, but no more than when I have recorded five weeks’ worth of “Meander about Middle Earth” episodes in a single weekend. Yes, I’ve done that, and yes, it was rather daunting.

So why the hell am I doing this, then? Because the end result is worth it, and damn if I don’t occasionally have moments of brilliance in among all that insanity. In fact, it is possibly due to the insanity, when it comes right down to it.

I would like you to remember “The Master Race”, episode #8 of “Pixels & Dice”, coming up on March 23rd. Be sure to listen to that particular episode, even if you never listen to the show before that, or ever again. I was possibly at the absolute depths of my exhaustion when I recorded that show, and it is quite possibly the best bit of podcasting I have ever made. I’ve since listened to it again, and by the end, I was on such a roll that I’m not sure where those thoughts were coming from, but it is maniacally hilarious, if I do say so myself.

But now that I have that podcast buffer built up, I may never need to go on such a marathon recording session ever again. In fact, after tonight, once I have recorded the four Sunday videos for March (yes, you’ll start getting Sunday videos in March, by the way), I will be entering a completely different recording mode for my shows in the future. Instead of doing marathons for “Meander about Middle Earth” one weekend, then recording for “Pixels & Dice” and “RetroStuff” the next (each weekend recording a month’s worth of content at a time), instead each weekend I’ll be recording:

  • Ten episodes of “Meander about Middle Earth” (two weeks worth of weekday shows)
  • Two episodes of “Pixels & Dice” (two weeks of Thursdays)
  • Two episodes of “RetroStuff” (two weeks of Saturdays)
  • Two episodes of “Meander about MMORPGs” (two weeks of Sundays)
  • Note: Editing and uploading of all these videos will be done during the week, as opposed to right away, as I have done things before this.

Okay, that might actually seem like a lot to do in a weekend, and it is, but then again, it really isn’t. Look at what I’m actually doing, while making that content. For MaME, I’m just recording my playing of “Lord of the Rings Online”, in roughly 15-30 minute segments, and commenting on the game and life (it is a Vlog, after all) while I do that. Then I record two, roughly half-hour podcasts, then edit and upload them to my webhost, and that will take less than two hours, tops. Then I record two episodes of “RetroStuff”, which in the future will be more focused on gameplay of Retro games, and my commentary thereon, so again, pretty fun. And also since they are usually around 15-20 minutes long each, not hard to produce at all. And finally there’s two episodes on MaMMO, which is very much like making episodes for MaME, only in other games than LOTRO.

In short, that’s a whole lot of playing video games, and not a lot of what one might consider “work”. And since the plan is to make two weeks of content every weekend, my content buffer only continues to grow over time, which will allow me to take additional weekends off, when I need them. Hell, it is entirely possible that by the time my vacation comes along in November, I’ll be done with the rest of the year for all of my shows, allowing me to take an extended break from everything.

So that’s why I put myself through these grueling tests, now and again. I do it so that you never go a single day without some form of content on this site, and so that while you always have content, I can occasionally slip off and have a load of fun away from the microphone. And if those marathon sessions occasionally make me enter a fugue state and record something like “The Master Race”, so much the better!

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