So what happened to

I suspect some of you here are a little confused right now, so maybe I should explain a few things…

  • No, you aren’t insane.
  • No, you didn’t come to the wrong place
  • Yes, this isn’t Pthppt.

Hi, I’m Scormus/Joseph, who until quite recently was running a completely unsuccessful podcast and blog over at You can click that link all you like, and it will still keep bringing you right back here, to Gaming Stuff. Why?

Because this is Pthppt now. Only better.

Yes, things are different now, and I know change is hard sometimes, but buck up and get over it soldier! We won’t win the war if you’re lamenting the loss of a shitty little blog and even shittier podcast!… Okay, that’s better. Now go wipe your tears away, and bring Daddy a steak. Killing off old blogs builds up a powerful hunger.

Okay, enough joking aside. Here’s the thing: I changed hosts. The new host was offering good deals on first and second tier domain names, so I bought one to go with the new webspace, because why not? And the thing is, my new domain name kicks the living shit out of my old one.

Do you know how sick to death I am of having to spell P-T-H-P-P-T, over and over and over again, for the last 15 years? Yes, I have had for 15 years now, and while it has served its purpose of being a unique, short URL, it has also been much more trouble than it has been worth.

Now, compare to that Gaming Stuff. That’s a simple domain name, one any child can spell, and rather easy to remember. Especially with the .website domain attached. “Dot Website” is one of the relatively new second tier domains added by ICANN in the last year, and it isn’t very well known yet, but will be soon enough. Sure, its no .adult or .sex, but in the same classification group, along with .tunes, .rent, and many, many more.

In short, .com doesn’t mean dick anymore.

Anyway, I have set up to redirect to now, which is why you are here. Please bookmark this site, as most of the content you once enjoyed there, will now be available here, including the video series “Meander about Middle Earth” and “RetroPthppt” (which is rebranding soon to “RetroStuff”). Alas, I have decided to take the old podcast “Pthppt” out back behind the barn and shoot it in the head, so it won’t be coming back. That said, I’d wager there is something even better coming soonish to replace it. The big Countdown widget on the right side of the screen is also a big clue in that direction.

I wonder what that could be about? Hmmm…

So, anyway, please enjoy Gaming Stuff. I will be adding in much more in the way of functionality over the coming months, so even if you don’t come back for the content, at least poke your head in from time to time to see what nifty features have popped up!

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