Apparently Mondays are when I update stuff about the site now?

So, remember last Monday, when I said I had a video catastrophe involving my Retro Gaming YouTube channel, “RetroStuff“? And do you remember how I said, after losing 13 videos, I was effectively done with making vids for that channel?

Yeah, about that…

See, I’m not the sort to just quit, but I didn’t feel like I could trust my older laptop (RetroTop) for video creation any longer. So I turned to my one year old, completely bitchin’, gaming laptop, instead. I spent a week or so installing emulators, various front-ends for said emulators, and of course hundreds of gigabytes of roms… all to no avail.

You see, I have several options for recording video footage on my bitchin’ gaming laptop. My first choice is Plays.TV, which I use for my other video content on “Meander about Middle Earth“. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t recognize the emulators as game, and thus wouldn’t launch, even when manually programmed and told to launch. Then I tried Fraps, good ol’ Fraps, which would record, but showed to be recording at 60 frames per second, but would play back at 2-3 FPS.

No bueno.

Next I tried nVidia’s game recording system (formerly known as Shadowplay). This, however, was a poor choice, as it was only good for one thing: Crashing. I don’t recommend it.

Finally, AMD makes some software called Afterburner, which is designed for overclocking your processor, but also – inexplicably – contains video recording software. That said, it doesn’t work, at least not on my completely bitchin’ gaming laptop.

So I gave up.

Instead, I almost purchased a HDMI video capture device to connect to my Raspberry Pi 3 game emulation system, but chose not to blow a couple hundred dollars on the chance it might work. Instead, not wanting to quit, I went back to the old RetroTop, and gave it one more chance.

Instead of recording a bunch of videos, though, I only recorded one, as a test. This time, I was able to transfer the footage properly, and then do three more, with no problems. So I now have videos done for “RetroStuff” through April 2017, publishing every Saturday.

So anyway, this means the footage will continue to flow for “RetroStuff”, but in the future, a bit differently. You see, in May, I’ll be expanding my weekend show on MaME (“Meander about MMORPGs”) from Sundays to both Saturday and Sunday. Then I’ll move “RetroStuff” over to Tuesdays instead of Saturdays. This way, there will be something on MaME seven days a week, plus a Retro Gaming video on Tuesdays, and the podcast “Pixels & Dice” on Thursdays.

That will allow me to create just three blog articles a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday), which makes my life a whole lot simpler overall.

Of course, if RetroTop eats a bunch of videos again, all of this could change – radically – faster than you can say “Did you just run over a laptop with your car?”

UPDATE: I will be trying out Open Broadcaster Software on my Windows 10 gaming laptop, to see if it can do what none of my other video recorders have, and actually capture gaming footage from emulators. I will also be trying it on the RetroTop, because I hear it will be able to record audio from the game and my microphone at the same time, which would be very nice. Regardless, if either option works, content should get significantly better on “RetroStuff” starting in May.

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