At least I didn’t break anything

So this is the story about how I damn near quit Retro gaming altogether, but most certainly quit making videos about it.

As I write this, a couple of weeks prior to publication, I have just finished scouring my “Retro Laptop” (my old Asus laptop that I use for recording videos for the “RetroStuff” channel), as well as my portable hard drive which I use to ferry files from the Retro laptop to my new one, for any sign of the footage I had just spent hours recording.

Thirteen videos worth of footage, which was just needing carried over to my main laptop for editing, and somewhere along the line, never quite made it.

Thirteen videos, which would have been enough to provide weekly videos on RetroStuff through June 2017, have just apparently disappeared into the wind.

I copied them from the Videos folder on the Retro laptop to a folder on the portable drive named “RetroStuff”. I confirmed they had all copied properly, before unmounting the drive and shutting down the Retro laptop, so I could get to work on them on the main laptop. But upon attaching said portable drive to the main laptop, the “RetroStuff” folder is empty. Furthermore, there are no .mkv files on it at all.

So I searched the Retro laptop, and the files aren’t there, either. Just gone… *poof*… into the ether!

I think I handled this rather well, considering neither the portable hard drive or my old laptop are in pieces right now. But I have had enough of this, and it will not happen again. Why? Because I’m done with attempting to make videos on the old laptop. Which means I’m effectively done making videos for “RetroStuff”.

Thirteen motherf*cking videos! Three months worth of content, just f*cking gone! That isn’t supposed to happen, damnit! And it wouldn’t have, had I been making those videos on my main laptop. You see, I’ve had some files mysteriously disappear on occasion before, when transferring from the old laptop via my trusty portable hard drive, but I always just chocked it up to being tired, or somehow forgetting to transfer the files over to the drive. But I’ve never just lost files like this, and never at a worse time.

So, here’s what is going to happen. Until I can find a way to play retro games on my main gaming laptop, I’m done with making videos for “RetroStuff”. I will not be using my old laptop for this purpose ever again, which effectively means my old laptop has no purpose for the foreseeable future. I will continue to discuss retro gaming here on the website, and play retro games on my Raspberry Pi emulation system, but I’m done with doing videos on the subject.

I’m currently too angry and tired to even consider doing all that work again.

UPDATE: Okay, I’ve calmed down just a tad, and after looking over the situation with a tad of clear perspective, I have decided to make another attempt at keeping content flowing on “RetroStuff” past the end of March (I already have videos set up there through then). But I am not a fool, so we’ll be doing this on my awesome gaming and editing laptop, as opposed to the “old way”. So, towards this end, I am reinstalling Launchbox on my awesome laptop, and transferring roms to it as we speak.

The only issue is, how will I record video? You see, Plays.TV (my usual video recording software) didn’t play well with Launchbox the last time I tried using it, so I may have to find a way to get Fraps to work with Nero Vision again (that will be a tad difficult, from what I understand on the Nero forums). So future videos for RetroStuff might actually be edited with OpenShot or… *shudder*… Windows Movie Maker.

But first things first. We have to get Launchbox in a playable state on this platform, before I can even consider recording Retro gaming videos again. I will, of course, keep you informed as to my progress here.

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