Back to the grindstone

So, once upon a time, I ran a “Pathfinder” tabletop roleplaying campaign for members of my old, pen-&-paper gaming group. Eventually, my brother took a few turns at running adventures in this campaign setting, but eventually the game just kind of fell by the wayside, as we all got busy with everyday life issues.

But recently, a member of that old group contacted my brother and I, asking if we’d be interested in getting the band back together. He wants to run the campaign now, with our old characters bumped up to level 10, to match the danger level he has in mind for said campaign. We both readily agreed, and have contacted others in the old group, to see who would be interested in taking up the challenge again.

Thus far, everyone has.

But I do find one thing of concern for this adventure: The more I play “Pathfinder”, the more I realize that it sucks. Sure, it is based off of “Dungeons & Dragons” 3.5 edition, but that wasn’t a perfect system by any means, and I feel the changes Paizo made to said system for “Pathfinder” have only exacerbated those issues.

Now, don’t get me wrong here, I am happy to get back into the old game. But I do think we need to look at certain rules, which are really unbalanced, and see what can be done to bring everyone in line. Some classes become extremely overpowered, while others may be interesting, but fall well behind when it comes to being able to dish out, let alone take, damage. This makes for a Bad Time, and no one wants that.

Anyway, I will have to start boning up on the ol’ “Pathfinder” again, and get my sweetie’s and my characters updated to the proper level. We are as yet unsure when the campaign will resume, but I expect it won’t be very long to wait.

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