Light the beacons!

So “Meander about Middle Earth“, my little “let’s play”/vlog about “Lord of the Rings Online“, recently got featured on Standing Stone Games‘ weekly community bulletin, “The LOTRO Beacon” (#2, specifically). That’s it. Full stop.

Thanks for coming, I’ll be here all week. Try the veal.

Seriously, though, this was a fairly surprising turn of events, considering SSG would be the last company I would think would be hyping up my content. You see, the folks at Standing Stone Games used to work for Turbine, and Turbine and I have a bit of a rocky history, you might say. At one time we had a good working relationship, but then things got strained because I covered some stories that didn’t paint Turbine in a very positive light, on a video podcast I used to do years ago.

Anyway, I didn’t expect them to let that stuff go, just because they were no longer with Turbine. Then again, it wasn’t the staff I was calling out… well, not staff who are still with Turbine or SSG… so maybe they feel it’s a “No harm, no foul” situation?

Hell, maybe I should see if I can get reinstated to the LOTRO Forums, since I was banned for the crime of “leaving the game”. No, seriously, that was the reason given. I’m a lifetime subscription holder, who has no infractions on the forum or in the game. But since I angered some now-former community managers, I got banned from the forum when I took an extended break from the game. And when I returned, I was told that I would not be reinstated, despite not having done anything wrong.

Yeah, like I said… Our relationship was a bit strained.

Anyway, it was really cool of SSG to give my show a shout-out to the LOTRO community, especially since they suggested folks subscribe to the channel, which has lead to a rather nice spike in subs recently. Very cool!

I was basically doing the show because I love LOTRO, and felt it deserved to be highlighted more on Youtube. But it is nice to get a bit of recognition for the work I’m doing, so thanks for that, Standing Stone!

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