Low Energy. Sad.

So I’ve been contemplating my website, podcast, and videos lately, and I’m not at all happy with the content I’m putting out. Much of it is low energy, boring, or just mind-numbing to sit through. So with that in mind, I’m trying to shake things up around here!

As I believe I mentioned recently on this very site, I am looking to change things up on the podcast “Pixels & Dice”, to include one or two regular co-hosts. I have them all lined up, but scheduling has been a bit of a bear, so we haven’t been able to get together to record any shows yet! That said, we do plan to try things out soon, but since I record multiple shows in a sitting, so we are ahead of the game for times when I’ll be taking time off later this year, you likely won’t be hearing any shows with the new crew until May or possibly June.

Yes, I know that sucks. Live with it.

As for the blog, well, that won’t be changing anytime soon. I don’t have anyone I would be willing to bring on-board to help with writing for the site, and with my hectic schedule, I only get to write one or two mornings a week, usually during my breaks at work. So rather than expand the blog, it will likely retract to three posts a week, starting in May. So I’ll post a blog article on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, with “Pixels & Dice” continuing to publish on Thursdays. So that leaves only Tuesdays open on the weekdays, and I’ve decided to move the “RetroStuff” video from Saturdays to Tuesdays, starting in May. That means two posts every weekday on the site (including the usual “Meander about Middle-earth” video), one early and one later in the day. Weekends will remain one regular post, being the “Meander about MMORPGs” video.

But speaking about videos, I’m not exactly happy with my content there, either. When I need a good nap, all I have to do is turn on my MaME playlist, and I’ll be asleep by the third or fourth video! Seriously, though, I really need to step up my game (pun intended), when it comes to “RetroStuff”, MaME, and MaMMO.

As you will, see soon enough, I’ll be making things more exciting on the “RetroStuff” series by changing up to a mostly gameplay format, starting in April. I’ll still be talking about issues pertaining to the Retro Gaming scene, as well, just doing so while playing some Retro game or other. But as for MaME and MaMMO, all I can try to do is be livelier why talking, maybe tell more jokes, and push my characters harder than I have been. No one wants to see me “playing it safe”, they want action, and they want to see me take risks.

So that’s exactly what you will be getting!… Eventually.

You see, I’ve already recorded all of the MaMMO videos through May, and most of the MaME videos in May (only the last couple of weeks left to record). So while I have plans to make things more exciting, and I would say you will start to see some of that in April and May, it won’t be readily apparent until late May overall.

Just know that things will be getting better for my shows, and this website overall (especially if people would sign up for the community section, “My Gaming Stuff”. Just saying…). But it will take a bit of time to get there, so I’m asking you nicely to stick with me while the transition progresses.

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