This is not a joke.

It has become glaringly apparent that my two Youtube channels are struggling, to say the least. “Meander about Middle Earth” has only about 20 subscribers as of the writing of this article in late February, after two months of consistent, quality video content, five days a week. Worse yet is my “RetroStuff” channel, which also only has 20 subscribers (coincidence?), but has been in operation for much longer, producing weekly content for almost eight months now!

So the time has come for drastic action.

It’s time to release nudes.

That’s right, I am going to release nudes when I reach 1000 subscribers to my MaME channel, and again when I reach 1000 subs on “RetroStuff”. My Lovely Bride thinks I am crazy to even consider such action, but I feel it is worth it. So step right up, click on those Subscribe buttons on the lower-right side of most every page on this website, and keep checking back on this website to see the amazing reveal videos!

And if we hit either of these targets before the end of March, I’ll get my lovely wife to join in on the action!

Yes, my dignity is for sale here, folks! So click Subscribe on each channel, watch the videos, Like ’em if you wish, and keep an eye on this space as we approach 1000 subs!

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