Okay, I get it now

So I’ve been playing “Pokemon Go” since the game launched last Summer, and I still enjoy it, even if it is a bit repetitive… and there isn’t much in the way of gameplay… plus it really isn’t much of a game, if you get right down to it.

The thing is, despite its negative points, there is something mildly addictive about “Pokemon Go”, and I never really grasped what exactly it was, until last weekend. You see, I was rather ill last weekend, and spent the majority of the weekend in my recliner, playing games on my Retro Gaming machine, to keep myself entertained.

Well, of those games, I ended up spending a large chunk of time on “Pokemon Ruby” for the Game Boy Advance. I had never played an actual Pokemon game before (I don’t really consider “Pokemon Go” as indicative of the actual game series), and it was Ruby that made me realize what it was about Go that made it hard to walk away from:

It’s the Cute factor.

Not only are the Pokemon themselves cute, in their own way, Pokemon games in general are just cute in general. The interface and graphics are colorful and make you feel happy to look at them. The characters are pleasant (for the most part), and quite friendly as a general rule. All in all, the Pokemon games (Go included) are just about the most inoffensive game series I can imagine offhand, and I think it is this that makes them so interesting to play.

When it came to “Pokemon Ruby”, I played it for hours at a time, not because it was particularly fun, in fact it was outright annoying at times. I had this damn Acorn-looking Pokemon that had no really useful attack whatsoever, but I just kept on playing it, trying to level the damn thing up to match the rest of my stable of Monsters. Eventually, I figured out that I can start a battle against a wild Pokemon with “Nutty” (the Acorn thing), use a defensive ability, then swap out a better Pokemon to finish the battle. This would let Nutty split the experience points with the other Pokemon, while not dragging out the fight forever on what would otherwise be an almost assured loss.

In short, I “got gud”… I guess.

Anyway, now I plan to play all of the main “Pokemon” games, perhaps not to completion, but at least enough so that I can say I got a good feel for each game. The best ones, of course, will be played all the way through. Especially those like “Ruby” that look great on my HDTV screen (yes, in 16:9 screen format, because GBA games look fine stretched out that way).

Because “Pokemon”.

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