So there went $60

I have been patient. I feel like I have given them the benefit of the doubt, over and beyond what should be expected of a consumer. I have even defended them in the past, saying “it isn’t their fault”, and “things will get better soon”.

But I was wrong. I was wrong to have believed in the folks making “Star Citizen”. And most importantly, I feel like the $60 I spent on the game has long since been wasted, and I will never get to enjoy the game I helped finance, which is a shame, because I was really looking forward to it.

Yes, I know that “Star Citizen” is technically in Alpha, and as such I shouldn’t consider it ready for prime time. In fact, I don’t expect anything of the sort. But my old laptop used to meet the requirements to play the pre-Alpha version years ago, and I couldn’t get it to run well at all, and my newest gaming rig exceeds the requirements to play the game now, and if anything, it plays worse on this rig than it did years ago on the old one.

The simple truth is that I have no faith in CIG to bring “Star Citizen” to market anymore. The game has well exceeded their originally-advertised launch window, despite being the best financed “Kickstarter”-style game in history. It is my opinion that SC will remain in perpetual Alpha until eventually Chris Roberts pulls the plug on the project, and the servers are shut down. I doubt we’ll even get the single-player game we were promised as part of our purchase.

So now I need to know: Which ‘open world/sandbox’ sci-fi game should I get into, instead of “Star Citizen”? I only see two real contenders at this point, being “No Man’s Sky” and “Elite: Dangerous”. Neither really seems like the perfect choice at this point, but lacking a good, open sci-fi game to play (when I should be able to at least get out of the hangar in SC), I feel these two are the only options I can count on to actually, y’know, work.

Let me know what you think, in the comments below.

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  1. Had quite a bit if fun with Elite, which was only enhanced by picking up an entry-level HOTAS. It’s quite a dry experience but a more substantial one than No Man’s Sky which, while fun for 20 hours or so, I found lacking in the long-term.

    1. That was my concern about NMS, that it just wouldn’t hold up outside of the first day or so. I don’t mind grindy games, I do play MMORPGs after all, but NMS is all grind, from what I’ve seen thus far. Some human interaction would be nice, thus why I’m leaning towards Elite: Dangerous at this point.

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