Solo or Co-Op?

Well, I’ve been running this website for over a month now, and have been providing blog posts, video content, and the “Pixels & Dice” podcast for all that time (and then some). So now I have to ask: Is what I have been providing satisfactory, or is a change in order?

Specifically, I’m talking about the podcast, in this case, but the question could also apply elsewhere. You see, I’ve considered adding a co-host to the podcast for some time now, since before this website even existed, and I was running previous iterations of the podcast (Pthppt!, Roleplay Domain, and Massive Failure). Unfortunately, finding a suitable co-host who has the same drive to create that I do, and can work on my weird schedule (I record shows overnight (Pacific time) on weekends) is daunting, to say the least, so it has never really happened.

Sure, there were a few shows I did on “Roleplay Domain” that included my old tabletop gaming group, but those were just occasional Roundtable discussions, not really a true co-host situation. And I have done a few interviews here or there, but again, that doesn’t really count, either.

What I need is for my sweet wife to join me on “Pixels & Dice”… Unfortunately, she’s not very keen on being a regular part of the podcast. If she were to change her mind, though, that would make things so much easier and better overall!

Just think of the potential benefits:

  • You wouldn’t have to listen to me drone on constantly for 30 minutes every week. We would instead have a conversation between the two of us.
  • She would add her own, unique perspective to each topic.
  • Potentially we’d be putting out longer podcasts, as I only limit my shows to roughly 30 minutes because I’m working solo. If I had a co-host, we could – and likely would – have longer discussions each week.
  • Instead of hearing from one longtime Gamer, you’d get to hear from two!
  • DOGS! I have little doubt that, were my sweetie and I to get behind the mic together, we’d be joined on the couch by both of our adorable dogs, adding their own perspectives to whatever we might discuss. For example, “WOOF!” (Magic The Gathering is bad for the gaming industry), “YIPYIPYIP” (Free-to-Play models suck), and “*Panting*” (Time to break out the ‘Pokemon Go’ and take us for a walk!).

Unfortunately, I just don’t see this happening. My sweetie has been adamant that she has no interest in joining the podcast, and she’s my only realistic option for getting a co-host with my schedule. But that’s why I’m bringing the topic up here, for us to discuss in the Comments (below).

You see, I want to know if making a change like this to the podcast would be appreciated by the audience, and potentially help the show grow. If so, I might try setting up a voice communications server (like Teamspeak or Mumble), and seeing about getting one or two folks to join me on the show on a regular basis. The last time I tried this, I had a Teamspeak server running for a YEAR, and no one used it but me. I couldn’t get anyone to join me on the podcasts I was running at that time, due to schedule conflicts or sheer apathy.

But if anyone were interested, I could be convinced to give this another go. And if folks are instead interested in having my sweetie join me on the podcast, leave a comment to that effect below, so I can show her just how popular that idea is, and then maybe she would give it a try?

Hell, at this point I’d be willing to try anything.

UPDATE: After broaching this question to my sweetie and some friends via the Community portion of this site, not only is my wife willing to at least to the occasional show here or there, I am in talks with my brother, to see about him joining the show, as well. For those of you who have followed my podcasting career, they were the folks I had on my last episode of “Massive Failure”, if I recall correctly.

Good times!

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