The Problem With Pthppt

So I still own the rights to my old website URL (, and after I got this website set up on my new webhost, it took a few weeks to get my old URL released for transfer by my old webhost. But eventually I did get everything taken care of, and since then I have had Pthppt re-direct over to Gaming Stuff, so old fans would be able to find my new content.

But that isn’t really necessary any longer, so I’m wanting to do something else with Pthppt, rather than just waste it on a redirect. I’m considering a few options:

  • A personal blog, using WordPress, as it used to be
  • A personal blog, but written in old-school HTML, like it was back in the very first days of the website.
  • A guild/clan site. I have a guild named “Pthppt” which spans at least two different MMORPGs, which I might open up and make more public, thus in need of a website.
  • A pure aggregator for my video content (including what I have on older Youtube channels)
  • Leave it as-is, and let it die next year.

So, what do you think? I feel like the URL should be put to better use, but which is the best choice? Feel free to comment below, and give your opinion.

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