Want an invitation to “My Gaming Stuff”?

So the Community section of the website has been up for a few weeks now, and it seems to be working properly, so I’ll now be opening it to general admittance… sort of, anyway. You see, you still can’t just sign up for the community, it remains an Invitation-only feature, but now you can request an invitation!

If you look up at the Menu area towards the top of the website, you’ll see that the entry for “My Gaming Site” has an arrow beside it now. This means that there are multiple Menu items under that heading, and if you mouse over it, you should see a Menu item appear for the Invitation Request page. Click on that, fill out the form (including the Math and Grammar questions), then click on Send.

This will send me an email with all of your provided information, which I will then be able to use to determine if you are indeed not a Bot, and if that is the case, send you an Invitation to your provided email address.

I’m sure this seems overly complicated, and yes, it is. But it is also required, so that I can keep the community section as free of spammers and bots as I can, while still providing a space for gamers to talk about games with like-minded folk.

Anyway, if you are so inclined, go ahead and request an invitation to “My Gaming Stuff” today!

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