Is there a point to playing multiple MMORPGs?

So it is pretty obvious, even to the casual observer of this website, that I play a lot of different MMORPGs. I do so for my video content, but also for fun, and I have done this for years. But it wasn’t always this way…

You see, when I first got into MMORPGs back in the early 2000’s, I only played one game: “Anarchy Online”. I chose that game because it was free to play (although I chose to subscribe, eventually), it was engaging, and it was fun. But eventually I chose to give “City of Heroes”, then “World of Warcraft”, “Star Wars Galaxies”, “Dungeons & Dragons Online”, etc, all a try.

But I still only played one game at a time. Until “Lord of the Rings Online”, and their Lifetime subscription got me to sign up for that, while I had an active subscription for “World of Warcraft” going. Then the dam broke loose, especially with games going Free-to-Play all over the place, and suddenly I had active accounts on dozens of games at a time!

So… why? What is the point, as a standard player, of focusing on so many different games at once? It isn’t like you can play multiple at the same time, right?

Note to Self: Challenge Accepted!

The problem with MMORPGs is that they usually include hundreds, if not thousands of hours of gameplay, much of it repeatable (dungeons, raids, PvP, etc). So is it really possible to truly enjoy multiple MMORPGs to their fullest, when you aren’t focusing on just a single title? I think not, and can say from personal experience it isn’t really possible.

For example, when I was playing WoW and LOTRO primarily, I was only raiding and doing organized PvP in the former, while I just dabbled in the latter,

So why bother, in the first place? In my case, I joined multiple games because I was running a video podcast, and later a gaming blog and podcasts, so it made sense to play the games I covered. But most people aren’t doing this for journalistic endeavors (although I expect few would have used that word to describe my work), so why do it at all?

Is it curiosity? If so, people would not play much past the first thirty days of most MMOs (the “free” part of those games, when most MMOs had subscriptions).

Is it boredom? If so, why keep an active account open for the game that is boring you? Just close the subscription (or just uninstall the game, if it is F2P), and move on to another game, already!

I’m sure there are dozens of different reasons people have to play multiple different MMORPGs, but I simply can’t fathom it. If I were to set aside this website, my podcast, and the video projects I’m doing, I would feel some draw on occassion to play one MMORPG or another, but those would all be F2P titles, or ones I already have Lifetime subs for. My Main game would be “World of Warcraft” in this unlikely scenario, because – while it isn’t perfect – WoW has consistently provided me the most enjoyment year after year. That wasn’t always the case, but right now, I can’t think of another MMO which offers more fun for the money expended.

But I wouldn’t have asked this question, if I had all the answers, so what do you think? Leave your thoughts in the Comments, below.

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