Since I’m solving problems…

So last week I talked about solving a long-running audio issue with my “RetroStuff” videos, and it has worked out pretty well. OBS works great on my Linux laptop, but not so much on my Windows-based laptop, so for now I’ll stick with Plays.TV for my other shows, “Meander about Middle-Earth”, “Meander about MMORPGs”, and “Full of Fail”.

Wait… what was that last bit?

Yeah, I have a ‘new’ show, starting up tomorrow. But it really isn’t new, of course, I’m rebooting my very first video podcast, “Full of Fail”, which is a short-form show about MMORPGs. I made that show back in 2010-2011, and figured now would be a good time to bring it back.

Of course, the hundreds of subscribers FoF still has, even after 6 years of relative inactivity, doesn’t hurt. Nor do the hundreds of thousands of views that channel (see link above, and Subscribe, damnit!) has earned, considering they make it more than eligible for full monetization, unlike my other channels.

Basically, I should have just restarted FoF, and use it’s channel for MaME, MaMMO, etc, rather than create all-new channels for my video content. But I had no idea YouTube would screw over very small channels like mine,so what can you do? They don’t want channels with under 10,000 views to be able to run ads, even when they are otherwise eligible for monetization? Okay.

They left me no choice but to return to FoF.

Now then, I don’t plan to abandon my other two channels, though. MaME will continue, at the very least. My shows on “RetroStuff” may be shorter than MaME/MaMMO, but the unique thumbnails on RS make for much more work, overall. So I might cut back on “RetroStuff”, but that isn’t assured at this point. And even if I do stop that show, I’ll leave the channel up, as long as YouTube allows it.

Wait… what?!

Oh, did I forget to mention the Strike my “RetroStuff” channel received the other day? Yeah, no previous complaints, no issues with copyrights, and YT slaps me with a three month Strike, as well as took away that channel’s ability to Livestream, not that I was doing that, but still… It’s the principle of the thing.

Anyway, that rather soured me on producing new content for “RetroStuff”, considering how much work it takes, for so little result (24 subscribers after most of a year). So I think I am going to instead focus on FoF, MaME, and MaMMO for April and May, then see how things go for June and beyond. I might get rid of the unique thumbnails (since they haven’t exactly helped much), and keep making short videos for RS, but even that might go by the wayside, should things not go so well in April and May (I already have all of RS’ content created through those months). If I don’t see an improvement in my numbers for RS before June, or YT continues to bug me, I can walk away and let that channel sit untended for a while.

Because I still believe that YT made a huge mistake, when they chose to screw over very small content creators. We provide millions of hours of new content for the service a day, and even if only a few people watch, that is still a few people using YT, who might otherwise moved on to another service. We are YouTube. And if YT wants to alienate us, that’s fine. I’m sure Twitch or another video service wouldn’t mind a few million hours of new content every day.


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