Tuesdays may never be the same!

So we’re making a few changes around here, and because of that, Tuesdays on “Gaming Stuff” will be quite different, and much improved!

First of all, “RetroStuff” will be moving to Tuesdays starting next week, from its normal Saturday timeslot. Why? Because I’m beefing up content here on the website and on YouTube! Replacing RS each Saturday (starting in May) will be a second “Meander about MMORPGs” episode, making it a regular weekend show (rather than just on Sundays). You already know about the return of “Full of Fail” coming out every Wednesday, so there’s no point in discussing that further. All of this is of course in addition to the normal “Meander about Middle-Earth” episodes every weekday, and the usual “pixels & Dice” podcast on Thursdays.

Speaking of P&D, we have a surprise for you there, as well, coming in May.

Anyway, as to Tuesdays and the “RetroStuff” show, I recently got some new equipment which should make creating shows for that platform much easier. You see, I have been using my old gaming laptop to record RS thus far, because it could run RetroPie x86, and did a fairly decent job, when it wasn’t eating my already-recorded videos. I would have preferred to record video on my Raspberry Pi 3 gaming emulator, but I didn’t have the gear to make that happen.

Now I do.

My Sweet Wife bought me a cool video capture device, which will should allow me to record HD quality videos by capturing the HDMI stream coming from my RPi3. It will also add in my voiceover in real time, making for much easier editing. So the idea is to start creating “RetroStuff” primarily with my RPi3, once I’ve tested everything and know it works.

Unfortunately, I have all of May’s shows already recorded, so you won’t see the results of this experiment until June, but that’s fine. And if this won’t work out in the long run, I always have my Retro Laptop to fall back on! In fact, I might just use that instead of the RPi3, anyway, since the laptop is more powerful.

Anyway, so things are going to b e changing a lot here, over the next few months, and I hope you enjoy the results.

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