YouTube, and the Neverending Controversy

Editor’s Note: Yes, this doesn’t expressly have much to do with Gaming, but considering the shows I feature on this site, I feel it is worth discussing.


Another week, another controversy surrounding YouTube. This time, advertisers are boycotting YT until Google (YT’s parent company) can assure them that their ads won’t appear on websites and videos the advertisers don’t agree with. While many advertisers were mostly upset about being featured on recruitment videos for Daesh (I refuse to call them ISIS or ISIL… just saying), there are many that just don’t want to be connected with controversial content at all.

Frankly, I have no problem with this, but a lot of other YouTubers do. Why? Because…


In this case, less advertisers means lower ad rates on YouTube, which in turn means less advertising money for YouTube Partners (i.e., content creators). Okay, I can see why earning less money might be a bit concerning, but at the same time… No. Just, no.

Look, I’ve been working with Google and YT for years, via ads on my websites and also on my video content. And I have never, ever considered this income stream to be something I might depend upon for my living, because it has never been something I could depend on. Never, not even on my most popular websites or video channels.

While it is true I’m not running any million subscriber channels, and probably never will, the vast majority of YouTubers have literally nothing to worry about here. Nothing. Why? Because those ad rates have always fluctuated with the market, and the only shows that really have to worry are those that feature overly controversial subject matter.

In short, if you aren’t “Leafy”, you’ll probably be fine. And for that matter, even “Leafy” will come out of this mostly okay, due to direct fan funding. Patreon is your friend.

Anyway, I keep seeing people saying they won’t stand for YouTube’s “censorship”, and that they plan to take their ball and go home (i.e., find a new video service for their show). Well, in the first place: Good riddance. And for another point: GTFO.

Look, YouTube isn’t censoring anyone. They are just not going to allow you to Monetize videos that are controversial, and yes, they get to choose what they consider is controversial content. If you can’t deal with that, good luck finding another video service to host your show. Or, you can sack up and deal with the new paradigm by setting up a Patreon account, or setting up your own ads (such as how Philip DeFranco handles his channel).

Or, those folks can continue to whine about “The End of YouTube”, whether it is this time, or the next, or the next after that. Meanwhile, I’m actually making more money since the rates “crashed” than I was before. Why? Because I can manage to play within the rules. You might try it sometime.

Just sayin’

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