Finding the Fantastic at the Fairyblossom Festival

Last week I talked about the excellent Oregon Renaissance Faire, which finishes up its second annual run this coming weekend. But this weekend is a bit crowded, considering it is also the weekend that the Fairyblossom Festival occurs, up in Chehalis, Washington!

Fairyblossom is a smaller, more intimate affair, which is quite a bit different than other events in the area. It is a fantasy-focused faire, with a major emphasis upon whimsy and fun, as opposed to the historical realism most renaissance faires strive for. But that all said, you can expect much of what you’d come to a RenFaire for at Fairyblossom, including performers, vendors, a food court, and all that. But Fairyblossom does feature one thing most faires do not: They allow you to camp on-site, and even enjoy an after-hours feast with other attendees and participants!

My wife and I have attended Fairyblossom a few times, and have always found it to be a great time, with a most excellent staff.

So rather than finding yourself torn between these two events this coming weekend, think of it this way: You have an embarrassment of riches, when it comes to faires, instead! Should travel be an issue, these events allow you to likely find something close to home this weekend, whether you are in the Portland or Seattle area. But if travel is not an issue, you may then choose between a fantasy-focused event (Fairyblossom) or a most traditional Renaissance Faire (ORF). Then again, and better yet, why not attend one on Saturday, and the other on Sunday?

Regardless, it’s a great weekend to be a Rennie!

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