Giving Launchbox another shot

So, I wasn’t too impressed with Launchbox, when I first tried it out a few months ago. While this might be one of the most popular emulator front-ends for Windows available today, I thought it just wasn’t all that intuitive, and really couldn’t hold a candle to RetroPie, or even Recalbox for that matter.

NOTE: I still feel that way.

That said, the one thing Launchbox really has going for it is that, unlike Recalbox or RetroPie, Launchbox can be used on a Windows 10 machine, like my primary gaming rig. And after moving to said Windows-based gaming rig for playing my higher-end systems on (Playstation 1 and 2, Nintendo GameCube, Sega Dreamcast, etc), I found that while I can play all these systems and more on said rig, not having an all-in-one front end solution… well… Really kinda sucks.

I guess I’ve been spoiled by RetroPIe. Sue me.

Anyway, I tried a few other option (RetroArch and EmulationStation), but RetroArch works better as a multi-system emulation option, rather than as a front-end, and EmulationStation is a serious bitch to configure manually. I love it when used with RetroPie, or even with Recalbox, but otherwise… not so much.

Now then, how is Launchbox working out so far? Well, it’s better than the last time I tried it. Unfortunately, the emulator options for lower-end systems in Launchbox leave much to be desired (RetroArch is the go-to option, most of the time). While I am fine using RetroArch, it doesn’t play well with my video recording software, so I am now forced to use the old “RetroTop” laptop to record those systems, rather than just do it here on my bad-ass system.

I guess that’s a minor price to pay, though, and isn’t really Launchbox’s fault. I could use Nestopia for NES games, and there are a few other options in Launchbox that would cover many of my lower-end game systems, but really it’s just easier to stay with RetroArch at this point. The one exception to this is Nintendo 64, which I am using Project 64 for now, through Launchbox, and it seems to be okay, at least. More testing is required before I decide if it will be a suitable replacement in the long run.

Anyway, so now I sit here getting my ROMs all transferred back into Launchbox, and looking forward to at least having an easier time playing my higher-end retro games.

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