Mid-Year Appraisal

So a while ago I believe I stated I was going to see how things were doing in the middle of the year, and based upon that, make some decisions regarding the future of this website and my various endeavors posted hereupon. Well, today is the day for that appraisal, and to be frank, it doesn’t really look good.

First, let’s go over what works. First and foremost, surprisingly enough, “Pixels & Dice” is doing very, very well! It is by far the most popular podcast I have ever done, bar none. Now that is not to say it is some sort of breakaway hit, and Beoulus and I will be able to quit our day jobs and retire to the Caribbean on our sweet Podcasting fortunes, but the show is doing way better than I ever thought it would. Compared to my most popular podcast prior to this, being the long-defunct “Massive Failure”, the “Pixels & Dice” podcast is doing on average about three times as many downloads per week. It is at a point where, were some advertiser to be interested in plopping an ad down on the show, it would actually be worth their while to do so.

Where my other podcasts measured downloads per week in the hundreds, at most, P&D measures that every… single… day. I shit you not, the show is doing really well!

What else is working? Well, the newly-revived “Full of Fail” video podcast is doing much better than I thought it would, after coming back from a six-year hiatus. It is no breakaway hit, to be sure, but viewership is on the slow incline, and that’s a big surprise. It is also getting the most viewer engagement of all of my video projects, almost all of it positive. So yeah, I’d say that works.

Now then, let’s talk about what isn’t working. First of all, if a video on my “RetroStuff” Youtube channel doesn’t involve RetroPIe or discussion of Raspberry Pi devices, then it is pretty much an abject failure. Especially now that most the videos coming out on that channel are just “Let’s Play”-style videos about various retro console games. Those videos are getting no traction whatsoever.

But that said, at least things over on “RetroStuff” aren’t as bleak as they are on my third Youtube channel, “Meander about Middle Earth”. I put out videos to that channel seven days a week, providing solid, consistent content that I have been told is funny, informative, and often quite interesting to watch (especially when I screw up). And those videos are getting, on average, three to five views. That’s not 3-5 views per hour, not even per day. No, that is simply three to fives views, period.

Okay, I’m not saying that vlog is exactly Casey Neistat quality work, but I have put a huge amount of time and effort into the videos on the MaME channel, and all that work is effectively for naught. Which really surprises me, since it really seemed to be gaining steam for a little bit, earlier this year. But now… not so much.

So, what happens now? Well, nothing really. I already have content created for these channels through most of the rest of 2017 now, and by the time you are reading this, it is entirely possible I will have the weekday “Meander about Middle Earth” vlog, the bonus weekend shows for that channel, and my weekly “RetroStuff” show done for the entire year, with only “Pixels & Dice” and “Full of Fail” lagging a bit behind (but even they will be done for 2017 likely in a few months).

The real question here is, what happens on January 1st? Well, I already know the answer to that question, but I think I’ll leave it as a surprise until the end of the year. But, fear not, the content you have come to know and, if not love, at least have grown accustomed to, will still be coming in 2018. I will be making some changes, in fact, I already have done some tweaks that you’ll start seeing in September and October, but they are only stop-gap measures. What I have planned for 2018 will be spectacular, and should make a big difference in how the site and my related works on Youtube do in the years to come.

One thing before I go: I almost made a panic move, and made wholesale changes to the upcoming content starting in July, which would have meant scrapping a lot of work I’ve already done. But My Lovely Bride talked me out of making that change, and leaving it for a more appropriate time, such as the start of the new year.

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