News? In my GamingStuff content?

Hey everybody, long time no blog, right? It’s been pretty crazy at work the last… year or two, but especially the last few months… so I haven’t been able to blog in my free time there, since I haven’t really had any free time to speak of. That won’t be ending anytime soon, but at least it is getting better. Slowly to be sure, but it is getting better.

But that’s neither here nor there. We’re here for website updates!

First of all, if you’ve been following our podcast “Pixels & Dice”, you’ll perhaps have noticed that my co-host Beoulus has not run off screaming into the night (yet)? Yeah, his succeeded on his Sanity roll (or perhaps failed it, and joined the cult?), and has decided to hang around as a permanent member of the team! So yay team, right? If you aren’t already listening to P&D, or gave up on it when I was doing it solo, give it a chance now. Especially when you see my next bit of news, I think you’ll really want to get on board this particular train…

Our next announcement regards a recent, unannounced change to the website. If you look up at the menu towards the top of the screen, you’ll see “GS Discord Server”. Yes, like many websites looking to have community outreach, I set us up a Discord server, for that purpose. This is a replacement for the poorly-received Community section I used to have here, and all in all, I think this will work out much better overall. So use the Invite link on the menu, and join the server today!

But what does that have to do with the podcast? Because starting in September, we’ll be recording the podcast on the Discord server, with a live studio audience! That’s right, Beoulus and I will be recording in the Studio every other Sunday or so (schedule TBA and will be announced here and on Twitter), and we invite our fans to join us there to listen in! Not just to recording itself, but to the pre-recording discussions, post-show talks with fans, etc!

Now then, if you’ve been to the Discord server, you’ll probably have noticed that you can enter the Studio voice channel, but you can’t do anything there, right? Well, you can listen, and that’s the point. What we envision is this: Fans join us in the channel to listen in, and they will be able to communicate with us via the built-in Discord text-chat feature, to ask questions and make comments. And after the recording is done, we will likely join fans in the Lobby to just hang out and chat via voice and text, as you wish.

While that’s exciting enough in itself, the Discord server allows us to do something else we’ve been wanting to do for some time: Bring in guests, and perhaps even another co-host (permanent or semi-permanent)! That’s right, we already have some guests and a potential co-host in mind already, and will phase them in, once we’re comfortable with this new recording process, and ready to stretch ourselves and the show yet again.

Does that mean that folks we meet during the fan chats might get invited to join us on the show itself, as a guest at some point? Why yes, it does indeed mean exactly that! If we really hit it off with someone, or they would make a great guest on the show based on their knowledge or background, then yeah… we might be having a chat with them about joining us at some point.

Now then, keep in mind that none of this is set in stone. We’ve yet to record a single show over the Discord server, and it may not work out at all (although I feel it absolutely will). But this does open up some new options for us in the future, and I’m very excited about this!

Oh, did I mention we’re part of a Podcasting Network now? No? Well, a few years back, when I was running the podcasts “Massive Failure” and “Roleplay Domain”, I was invited to join the then-fledgling podcast network “The Gaming and Entertainment Network” (TGEN), alongside other great entertainment-based podcasts like “Aggrochat”, “Battle Bards”, “Beyond Bossfights”, “Cat Context”, “Contains Moderate Peril”, and “Couch Podtatoes”. Some are still in operation, others (like my old shows) have retired and been replaced by shows like “How Is This Movie?”, but the network has been rolling along steadily for some time now.

Anyway, Roger from “Contains Moderate Peril” contacted me a few weeks back, and asked if I’d like to bring “Pixels & Dice” into the TGEN family again, and I was happy to agree. The only reason I left in the first place was running two weekly podcasts as a solo host for each had worn me down to the point that I needed a break. And after a brief break I did my ‘whatever’ podcast “Pthppt!” for a little while, but it wasn’t really TGEN material, being basically just a place for me to rant about whatever was bothering me that week. But that’s over with, and P&D is rolling along nicely, so it’s a good time to join up again! Our first “official” show under the TGEN banner comes out this Thursday, and I’m told we should be added to the official website in the near future.

So, that’s all pretty exciting, right? Sure, most of this news relates to the podcast, but when that is the single-biggest draw to the website itself, and it isn’t even close at this point, you have to expect I’m going to focus on that feature some. By the way, “Pixels & Dice” is now officially the most popular podcast I have ever run, bringing in an average of 1000-2000 downloads per episode. Small potatoes as far as podcasts go, but it is significantly better than my old shows. “Massive Failure” used to top out at about 1000 downloads per episode, while “Roleplay Domain” and “Pthppt!” averaged 200 and 100 downloads an episode, respectively.

Okay, it would be nice if those thousands of downloads for P&D actually translated into website traffic here, but at least I get to advertise the site each week on a variety of different venues (iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher Radio, etc). That might count for something eventually, right?

Anyway, that’s all the news I have for now. I will be trying to blog more here, as I get ideas and the time to write, but don’t expect much in the near future. My plans for 2018 have outlined at least one blog post per week, though, so there’s that at least. Wait… What plans for 2018 are those, exactly? You’ll just have to wait and see…

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