Pixels & Dice #38 – Darkhorse

Today, Scormus and Beoulus discuss their favorite ‘Darkhorse’ roleplaying games, and give you their thoughts on why you should give them a try.

Theme Music – “Pinball Spring”, by Kevin MacLeod (Incompetech.com), licensed under the Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0” license.

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3 thoughts on “Pixels & Dice #38 – Darkhorse”

  1. Hey guys! Lee Garvin here, author of Tales From The Floating Vagabond. I just wanted to say thank you for the kind words, and the honest criticism. Little did yid you know, apparently, that I have been working on a second edition that answers some of your concerns. In fact, if you want to see how the new rules work, take a trip back over to Drivethrurpg and grab Bowl Or Die!, a Quick-n-Dirty adventure and rules combo that I released just this week!

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Lee! I’ll make sure Beoulus gets his hands on a copy of Bowl or Die! at Drivethrurpg.com (God, I really do sound like I’m shilling for them!). I’m sure we can arrange for our gaming group to give it a go soon!

  2. I am glad you liked the shows portrayal of your Fine Game, we enjoyed many hours playing it and it will always be a Favorite of mine.

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