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So let me tell you a little tale.

When I first devised this little website, my intention was to create a community portal, to be of use by all who have any sort of interest in Gaming. The idea was originally to have subdomains for multiple different games, such as “”, “”, and so on. Obviously, that didn’t come to pass. Instead, I tried out various different social media portal software, with the intention of placing the best one under “”… But that never panned out, either.

Anyway, the fallback plan has always been to use BuddyPress as a last resort, should no other options work out. Well, since nothing else has really worked out, I have installed BuddyPress, and opened up the website for general registration, starting immediately. I didn’t want to go this route, but if this is to become a true community site for Gamers, it was the option I had to take.

That all said, there are a few caveats you’ll need to pay attention to. First, if I find anyone botting or spamming the social media sections (groups and the like), they will be banned with extreme prejudice. Secondly, I reserve the right to ban people who are being dicks to others on this site, at my discretion. My site, my rules. Don’t like it, don’t sign up, period. But basically, if you follow Wheaton’s Law, you won’t have any issues here.

Now then, registration should be fairly straightforward, but if you have any issues, you can email me and I’ll see what I can do to help. I have elected to not employ any Captchas or similar Bot-detection scripts at this time, but reserve the right to add them at a later date, should we become inundated with Spammers and the like.

When you Register, you might find yourself concerned by the amount of information to be entered. Never fear, though, as only a few of the options are required (they say so, specifically), being your Username and Password (natch), email address, and your name. The first two are absolutely required, because without them you can’t actually log into the site. Same goes for your email address, to a lesser extent, but it is still something needed by the software in order to process your registration. As for your Name, it states that it is required, but in reality, it really isn’t. You may feel free to put whatever you want therein, such as a character name from your favorite game, for example. Once you have registered for the site, you can also set your profile to only show your Name to friends you make here, or only yourself, should you prefer that. But at the start, until you change it in your Profile, it will display to everyone.

No other options on the Registration page are required. You may fill them out, should you choose to do so, in order to fill out your Profile in advance, but that’s just for your own convenience.

Anyway, please feel free to sign up for the site, fill out your Profile, and check out the (currently limited) options herein. You will be able to create your own Groups, communicate privately with Friends you make here, and more features may be coming soon, such as potentially a full Forum. Feel free to drop into the Gaming Stuff Group and give any suggestions or feedback you might have.

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