Updates coming for PvP in ‘Guild Wars 2’

“Guild Wars 2” has long been known as a quality, PvP-centric MMORPG, so much so that ArenaNet has dipped their toe into the competitive e-sports arena. But over the last couple of years, interest in PvP competition in GW2 has died down some, to the point where many could argue it is no longer the main focus of the game.

But reportedly that is all about to change.

My sources at ArenaNet, who wish to remain anonymous, state that the development team has been tasked with making changes that will drive more players into the Mists (the PvP environment in ‘Guild Wars 2’), without causing undue harm to the PvE community. And apparently, according to my sources, they have come up with a plan.

The goal, as I am made to understand it, is to get all players in ‘Guild Wars 2’ to jump into the Mists as often as possible, in order to drive up competition and reduce wait times for battles. But how does one convince people, many of whom are only interested in playing the PvE portions of the game, to not only try the PvP content, but do it regularly? The answer, I am told, is cosmetic.

As I said, this team was tasked with increasing PvP activity without causing harm to the the PvE side of the game, so the usual changes one might consider for this – gear rewards, buffs, etc – wouldn’t really work. But offering cosmetic options, which have no effect on gameplay on either side of the content, certainly would.

“We’ve come up with a minor cosmetic alteration that will certainly make most die-hard ‘Guild Wars 2’ fans dive right back into PvP on a regular basis,” one of my sources stated recently, on condition of anonymity. “This will make the Mists especially popular with our Roleplaying community, but I expect anyone just wanting to obtain the cosmetic reset will do at least one battle a week.”

Here’s the details as I understand them. Currently the plan is to apply a minor cosmetic change to all characters, which will grow more pronounced on a daily basis, until said character either completes at least one battle in the Mists – win or lose, it doesn’t matter, which will reset the cosmetics to normal – or the change reaches its full completion on Day Seven. It will remain at that state forever, unless the character jumps into a PvP battle (of any sort), as with any reset during the week. But what exactly is this cosmetic change?

“It’s nothing major,” my source assured me, “just some facial changes that most players won’t even notice. Since most players outside of the Roleplaying community only look at their characters from the back, in third-person perspective, we expect few will really care about this. Really. I mean it.

“All we’ve done is make each character’s eyes a little more pronounced every day, over a seven day period, until and unless that character is sent into the Mists for a battle. Around the office we are calling it ‘The Carebear Stare’, but trust me, unless you really hate Marty Feldman, you shouldn’t even notice a difference in the long run.”

When asked what players can do if they hate this plan, and would like to opt-out, my source simply said “Spend a couple of minutes getting ganked in the Mists, and you’ll never have to worry about it.”

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