RetroPie 4.2 for RaspiBoy

Version 4.2
Download 246
Total Views 1149
File Size 418.99 MB
File Type 7z
Create Date August 13, 2017
Last Updated August 13, 2017

Here is a custom RetroPie 8gb image for use with 8BCraft's RaspiBoy handheld game emulation kit. This is only for the RetroPie 1, Zero, or Zero W, it will not work with other types of Raspberry Pis. The only change over a stock RetroPie 4.2 image is that the edits required for config.txt have already been made, so this image should work straight out of the box (so to speak) without any pre-configuration, in your RaspiBoy.

This image was designed for 8gb SD cards, as this is what is provided with the kit. If you are using a smaller SD card in your kit, this image will not work for you. If you are using a larger SD card, just go into the settings for the Raspi-Config and expand the filesystem, which will then allow RetroPie to use the full card.

NOTE: There are no ROMs on this image! You will have to obtain ROMs for yourself, please do not ask me where to get them, as I cannot and will not tell you. Google is your friend.


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